Event Horizon

by Johan Olofsson

27th June - Leytonstone School, London

£30 per player

A rescue fleet investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned...with the secrets to save the Earth and unlock the universe on board.


In the near future, humanity has successfully colonized the Moon and Mars, and is venturing deeper into space. In the year 2040, state of the art starship Blackwater Horizon was sent on a secret mission, but it disappeared without a trace beyond the planet Neptune at the outer rim of the solar system. The official story was that her engines malfunctioned resulting in a loss that was considered the worst space disaster on record, with her entire 36-person crew missing and presumed dead in a cloud of fiery death. The economic ripples of the disaster disrupted the stability on Earth as the blame was passed around. In 2047, just as all-out war is about erupt, the ship suddenly reappears.


The international space station for the outer planets picked up a heavily distorted distress signal which identified the ship as the lost Blackwater Horizon. Since the ship had all the major players on Earth involved and they call on their best vessels in reach of the outer planets to be diverted to take on this UN lead top-secret search and salvage mission. The Earth’s future is at stake. On board the fleet are military personnel, scientists, medical staff, technicians and high-ranking officers who command each ship. On the Blackwater Horizon something is waiting for them.

The international search and salvage fleet consists of vessels representing different nations and corporate entities all pooling together to salvage the starship and maybe uncover its secrets as well as compete for faction specific and individual goals. Each player will take the role of one of one crewmember in the search and salvage fleet and control their actions on board the fleet or exploring the Blackwater Horizon. Each ship has its own distinct characteristics and specialties. Each crewmember has been carefully selected with a set of skills needed for salvaging the Blackwater Horizon and get back to earth. No one plays a trivial role, and no one is expendable.


The game takes its name from one of the horizons surrounding a black hole, a shell of a point of no return – a region in spacetime beyond which future events no longer can be influenced. It will be a race against the clock for the teams to meet their competing objectives as individual crewmembers start to lose the grip on reality.


What Kind of Megagame is it?

Event Horizon is a megagame with lighter board game mechanics and prominent elements of negotiation and roleplaying in a near future, space horror setting. The game is played across two areas where the first holds the fleet and the second holds the Blackwater Horizon. The game has severely restricted communication between areas, and the claustrophobic setting leaves little room for the “grand scale of things” as each player is ultimately left alone to face what is on the Blackwater Horizon.

Sign Up to Event Horizon


The game is on the 27th June at Leytonstone School in London and we are taking sign-ups now. Just complete the form below letting us know you are interested in playing and if you have any preference in team or role. We absolutely welcome team sign ups too - so if you want to play with a group of friends that let us know all their names and email addresses at the same time.


As with all our games a player role is priced at £30 for the whole day (those selected for Control will play for free) - you can sign up now and we'll ask for payment about two months before the event. This delay is included to ensure players are still able to play the game and avoid unnecessary cancellations. However it is still possible to cancel after payment and you can read our refund policy here.


​As with all our games we will be sending out the cast list a month before the game and handbooks two weeks before the game.