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A newly elected Government is in power. All would be well, but for the impact of recent political upheavals – meaning that London's streets are teeming with protestors of various flavours and opinions, and the police are doing their best with limited resources to keep order, and opposing factions apart.Not a completely unusual situation in London; BUT, the crowds have become an incubator for a horrific new infection -

can this be same Virus-Z that brought the USA to its knees just a few short years ago?


Crisis in Elysium is set on Mars in the early 22nd Century. The planet has been colonised for over fifty years and is now home to nearly two million people. The first attempts at terraforming the planet are underway to create a new home for all of humanity, yet the world stands on the brink of civil war and all that has been achieved could be lost as groups of radical political visionaries, Earth-based governments and those with entrenched power on Mars battle to decide its future.


Mirrorshades is set in the West Coast Sprawl during the late 21st Century where life is dominated by powerful mega-corporations, rebellious punks and blazing neon. Mirrorshades is a cyberpunk megagame in the tradition of Neuromancer, Altered Carbon and Netrunner, in which players take on the roles of the senior leadership of the megacorps and the punks which both despise and serve them.