Starships & Six Shooters
by Ben Hirsh

9th April 2022 - Leytonstone School
£30 per player

In the distant future, amidst a galaxy torn asunder… 

- Orchestral Explosion - 

Starships & Six Shooters

The intergalactic Coalition is extending its hand into the scattered systems of the Outer Rim. These independent worlds have coexisted free from conventional law, forming trade agreements across unregulated space. Rough, unappealing, brutal and oftentimes dysfunctional, this way of life forms a perfectly balanced ecosystem in which all parties involved have no desire for change…


The Dalton Quadrant, home to disgruntled colonists and die-hard desperados, has long been a thorn in the side of the centralized government. The frontier settlements live a harsh life, defending their homes from raiders and surviving whatever force of nature the unforgiving conditions throw at them. Many have taken to the skies as freelancing pilots and wandering nomads. Living from one paycheck to the next, these crews are the lifeblood of the Quadrant, keen to get the job done ...and get paid. Blockade running, battling pirates, transporting precious cargo and a multitude of other legal and less than legal contracts are the bread and butter of these crews. 

After the recent and vicious civil war, the Coalition has turned its gaze toward the bountiful resources of the Quadrant’s independent worlds, where the remaining sympathisers of the unsuccessful revolution have gone into hiding. The Coalition Fleet has now been mobilized to secure these raw materials and attempt to quell the Rebellion once and for all.

The civil war's surge in arms dealing caused a boom in organised crime, resulting in the emergence of the powerful Syndicate Clans. With networks of pirate gangs spanning across the frontier towns and trade routes of the Quadrant, the Syndicates are committed to maximising profit by any means necessary, whilst divulging in their luxurious, hedonistic lifestyle. 

The defeated Rebels, freedom fighters to some and terrorists to others, are rapidly deploying their squadrons of ragtag starfighters in a last-ditch effort to hold back the Coalition as they regroup and seek allies…


What Kind of Megagame is it?

Starships & Six Shooters is a space-western megagame with a strong focus on roleplaying and operations. The roles range from the individual crewman of a starship all the way up to an intergalactic faction representative. The level of political involvement differs between these roles, though all players will have heavy interactions with the core board game mechanics and collective narrative. The type of teams available are independent starship crews, frontier settlements, wandering nomads and the greater factions.


See you there, space cowboy...


Sign Up to Starships & Six Shooters


The game is on the 9th April at Leytonstone School in London and we are taking sign-ups now. Just complete the form below letting us know you are interested in playing and if you have any preference in team or role. We absolutely welcome team sign ups too - so if you want to play with a group of friends that let us know all their names and email addresses at the same time.


As with all our games a player role is priced at £30 for the whole day (those selected for Control will play for free) - you can sign up now and we'll ask for payment about two months before the event. This delay is included to ensure players are still able to play the game and avoid unnecessary cancellations. However it is still possible to cancel after payment and you can read our refund policy here.


​As with all our games we will be sending out the cast list a month before the game and handbooks two weeks before the game.