We Made It!

by Jim Wallman

23rd Jan 2021 to 13th Feb 2021 - Online

£10 per player

This is a megagame about developing your own colony on a new planet. The premise is that a number of groups funded by private investors, big corporations or major governments, have come to a new world, which had been previously uninhabited, to create colonies and start again.

Planets are very large things, and so these small colonies may initially have little to do with each other, located as they are on different parts of the continent many thousands of kilometres apart.  Yet as they grow and become more successful, they will interact, perhaps to trade, perhaps to share experiences, perhaps to help each other out.


Exactly how these colonies grow will be up to the players' decisions around what they build, when they build it, how they keep their colonists happy, and how they keep them safe.

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Player teams will be the ruling council of their colony. The exact shape and structure of this council will vary and the Council will have the option to shape the political structure during the game. They may be autocratic, they may be democratic or even theocratic.

Inevitably on a strange new world there are hazards. Some of these hazards are understandable and expected, like local raptors, floods, earthquakes or weather. Others will be less predictable and unexpected. As their colony grows, so will new challenges come along, they may find themselves having to create or adapt their political system, they may need to give concessions to the well being of their colonists, they may make important discoveries; all of this is open, and the idea is that the players, as the colonial council, will be inhabiting what is in effect a sandbox, an open world.

Each game turn represent three months and starts with a council meeting where the key decisions for the colony's growth, economy and well being will be taken. Organising that council meeting will be something that the players spend some time on, in particular how they sort out their decision making structure. The aim of the game will be to complete a number of game years and for the teams to reach the point where their colony is self sufficient and stable, at least as far as they can make it.

How will the Game Work?

In this game we will be using a very different structure – the game will be played in four, 4 hour sessions over consecutive Saturdays. This allows the game to be longer overall than a standard megagame as well as giving players a chance to reflect between sessions (though there is no formal gameplay between sessions).

Whilst we hope every player will be able to attend every session we appreciate that committing to four weekends is not possible for some people. Therefore it is perfectly fine for players to skip one or two of the sessions and just attend those they can. As long as the majority of each team can attend each session then there should be no problems. 

The sessions will run 2pm to 6pm GMT on the following dates:

  • 23rd Jan 2021

  • 30th Jan 2021

  • 6th Feb 2021

  • 13th Feb 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic the game will run online using Discord and Google Sheets. More details will be provided nearer the game, but we strongly suggest you ensure you have access to a computer for the sessions as it won't really be possible to play the game on a phone or tablet.

What Kind of Megagame is it?

The game strongly focuses on political and resource management elements. Trading, planning and building of the colonies is the focus of the game along with internal and external political discussions. The game is broadly cooperative across the teams with no direct conflict, though they will of course be differing viewpoints and priorities.

Teams in the Game

The game includes the following teams:

Colony 61 - Oligarchy - The Colonial council is made up of a group of private investors. The colonists that have come with them are people largely desperate to get out of their crowded hab-blocks in their home megacities. Perhaps many of them have aspirations of owning their own land in the future.

Arjuna's Task - Theocracy - The Elders of the Temple of Shaiva have decided that their widely dispersed interstellar community needs to find a place where they can follow their religious path freely and with fewer distractions. Fundamentally peaceful and contemplative.

Freedom's Edge - Democracy - Funded by a major power, the colonial council was elected by the colonists. Democracy is a fundamental pre-requisite for the colony's funding.

New Sunlight - Quasi-Democracy - Funded by a major corporation, the elected colonial council has considerable power, but is answerable to Corporate HQ and must become profitable quickly. 

Roles in the Game

Each team has up to 8 roles:

  • Mining and Surveying - responsible for finding resources and extracting them.

  • Health and Well-being - responsible for keeping the colonists fit and happy.

  • Trade & Diplomacy - responsible for trading with space merchants and other colonies.

  • Agriculture & Environment - responsible for developing food supplies and understanding the alien environment.

  • Security & Policing - keeping order and protecting colonists.

  • Production & Technology - organising the building programme and colony upgrades

  • Chief Scientist - working with Agriculture to understand the biosphere and with Survey to understand the planet better.

  • Colonial Media - communications both inside and outside the colony.

For more details on the game, teams and roles check out the game brochure.

Sign Up to We Made It!


The game is set for January and February 2021 and we are taking sign-ups now. Just complete the form below letting us know you are interested in playing and if you have any preference in team or role. We absolutely welcome team sign ups too - so if you want to play with a group of friends that let us know all their names and email addresses at the same time.


A player role is priced at £10 for all four game sessions (those selected for Control will play for free) - you can sign up now and we'll ask for payment about two months before the event. This delay is included to ensure players are still able to play the game and avoid unnecessary cancellations. However it is still possible to cancel after payment and you can read our refund policy here.

As with all our games we will be sending out the cast list a month before the game and handbooks two weeks before the game.

Please note this game is now full and there is already a long waiting list - we are still accepting sign ups to the waiting list but it is possible you will now not get on the game. Apologies! The game is proven to be very popular.

Are you okay for us to contact you about future megagames?