Den of Wolves

by John Mizon

2nd March - Arc Centre, Islington

£30 per player

On March 2nd 2019 the very popular and successful Megagame, Den of Wolves, designed by John Mizon, is coming to London at the Arc Centre in Angel. Inspired by the classic sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica the game sees players become the leaders of a rag tag fleet fleeing the vicious and genocidal Wolf forces. Together they have the skills and resources to fight off the enemy and find a way to survive yet divergent goals, entrenched hatreds and a mountain of suspicion mean working together won’t be that easy…

The game is set in the 27th Century when human society has spread to multiple planets and, despite political differences, is mostly at peace. The various factions, spread across multiple star systems, are governed by the Interstellar Council which if not entirely fair and wise does ensure life is relatively safe and stable.


​That all changed eighteen days ago when the military of Wolf-1061, an insular and secretive planet-state, launched a massive, catastrophic attack against the other inhabited planets. Through a mixture of cyber-attacks, espionage and sabotage, they managed to disable the vast majority of the Interstellar Council's military, and went on to devastate their targets on the various planets.


​Through the chaos, the battleship ICSS Aegis was able to survive and escape to interstellar space. It soon found itself protecting and aiding numerous civilian vessels attempting to escape the Wolf forces. This "Survivor Fleet", as it has come to be known, must now provide critical resources for all those on board its vessels, whilst simultaneously trying to maintain government and social order, and mount an effective defence against pursuing Wolf forces.


Den of Wolves is a game about difficult political, military and survival choices in a long-term crisis scenario. Players will take on the roles of starship captains, officers, and engineers, as well as politicians and military personnel. The game has a focus on managing resources, as well as various units and assets – however, talking and negotiating with other players will be crucial in order to achieve success. The game also seeks to represent political and military systems, and their decisions, and so players should expect some political simulation.


What Roles are There?


The majority of players in this game represent the crews of the various civilian vessels in the Survivor Fleet. Each team represents the crew of one vessel, and is made up of a number of different roles. ​There are a few smaller, specialist vessels which will have a team size of 2 each, however, most vessels have a team size of 4, with the different roles as follows:




The captain leads and coordinates the team. Has responsibility for the vessel as a whole, and will be communicating and negotiating with other teams as needed.


​First Officer


Acts as both a deputy to the captain, and has direct command over security units. Responsible for the vessel's safety and security.


​Chief Engineer


Directly responsible for the tasks that keep the vessel going. This includes both repairing any damage, and ensuring the vessel has enough resources to supply those aboard and keep the engines running.


​Council Member


All of the people on each vessel are represented in the fleet's Interstellar Council meetings by an official Council Member. The Council Member is responsible for representing the wants of their people and their team in the fleet's government.



As mentioned above, there are a few smaller, specialist vessels that require only 2 person crews. These teams are made up of  a captain and a relevant specialist.


​Other Roles


There are also a few roles specific to the President of the Interstellar Council and their assistants, as well as the crew of the ICSS Aegis itself.  Whilst finally the News Media team will be learning of important events and broadcasting them to the rest of the game. These teams all have between 3 and 5 players.


What Kind of Megagame is it?


Den of Wolves is a megagame with a heavy political and roleplaying element with negotiations between the differing vessels based upon their needs, backgrounds and wishes being central to the game. Resource management mechanics are also central to the game as players try to keep the fleet alive and moving. Whilst finally there is a small operational component as the fleet battles the attacking Wolf forces.


Sign Up to Den of Wolves


The game is on the 2nd March 2019 at London’s Arc Centre venue (in Islington, not far from Angel tube station) and we are taking sign-ups now. Just complete the form below letting us know you are interested in playing and if you have any preference in team or role. We absolutely welcome team sign ups too - so if you want to play with a group of friends that let us know all their names and email addresses at the same time.


As with all our games a player role is priced at £30 for the whole day (those selected for Control will play for free) - you can sign up now and we'll ask for payment about a couple of months before the event. This delay is included to ensure players are still able to play the game and avoid unnecessary cancellations. However it is still possible to cancel after payment and you can read our refund policy here.

As with all our games we will be sending out the cast list a month before the game and handbooks two weeks before the game.

This run of the game is now full - there is a waiting list but we are also running the game on the 27th April

The cast list is out!